lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Weekly rant

Es bueno dejar soltar las energias de vez en cuando. El texto que copio a continuación es algo que publique en uno de mis foros favoritos de internet, en el cual tenia que descargarme respecto a ciertas cosas que me pasan frecuentemente.
Asi va entonces...

Neighbours... How can people be so annoying!

I have all types of annoying neighbours.

- Those who complaint about everything you do but if they do it is ok, because they think they are the masters of the universe and whatever they do is proper good for all!!! well no they're not! they are just a bunch of useless buggers who still haven't realized that we live in a friggin building and sadly we have to share it!... almost all the ones in my floor are like that, they complaint about my dogs, If I want to put something in my house, they complain again, if I try to paint the front wall just like everybody have to do and with the same colours as everybody else they complaint, if I throw the garbage where is supposed to be then they complaint! always trying to have a nose in my house if the door is open... Why they don't just fuck off and let me be, I don't know!. The other day one of those witches kicked, really hard, one of my dogs just because it tried to sniff her, I didn't kick her in the head just because she is an old lady (like 50's something)...

- Those who always want to have a gossip or start a really akward conversation in the lifter. They always ask stupid things, like were are your dogs (and the dogs are with me in that moment) or how is your family these days (they barely know my parents or brothers and sister), oh! you are tall! are you going to keep growing like that? you're like 18 or something right? (for fucks sake!!! I'm 25 and you been asking the same fucking question for fucking 10 years ffs!!!)... and so on and on and on... 95% of the time you don't even say hello to me! so why the fuck you want to know about my life!!??just because of the fact that we are stuck in the lifter for 8 seconds doesn't mean I have to talk to you!!!!

- Those who close the door of the entrance of the building just when you are running like a mad just to enter... always with the stupid reply, -Oh I didn't see you coming, you have a key right?- and then go away... The worst of the lot!!!! how can you say that if you saw me running faster than fucking Usain Bolt just to catch the door and enter. FUCK OFF!!!!

And like these, many many others.... I just hate my neighbours!

Keep Walking...
or just fuck off!

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